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Having a healthy baby is worth your weight!

Ying: “This program helped me so much. Every week I learned so much about how to take care of myself and my baby. I have a healthy baby girl now!!!”   Jia: “Your program changed my lifestyle. I have all the answers I need for teething, feeding and sleeping. I am so happy to have met other moms to share my experiences. I am so thankful for the support I have received.”
Dharuna: “I’m new to Canada. I learned a lot about labour, breastfeeding and healthy eating. This prenatal program must continue for other newcomers like me.”   Sara: “I’m having my first baby and I’ve learned so much about pregnancy and caring for my baby.”
Ming: “I’ve been in Canada only one year. I’ve learned how to have a healthy pregnancy and the importance of breastfeeding. This program helped me make friends and learn more about my community. And I know how to cook a variety of food for my whole family.”  

Isabella: “The CPNP program is helpful. I learned lots of knowledge about nutrition during pregnancy, labour delivery and breastfeeding.”

“My name is Jeyanthini, I learned about, how to eat well and maintain healthy weight during pregnancy, and how to feed the baby. I appreciate the hard work and support I have  

Kim: “I received excellent tips from nurses and dieticians. And I like sharing real experiences in groups. Really informative.”


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